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    Muesli Ingredients

    If you love seeds and would add them anyway to your muesli, then go with our Seedalicious base. This base mix contains three powerful seeds and buckwheat and can be combined with all our mix-ins to make your everyday muesli. Ingredients: Toasted Oats, Linseed, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Buckwheat


    Super easy healthy porridge – Simply ADD HOT WATER, mix and wait 3 MINUTES and hey presto – A steaming bowlful of porridge. Delicious.

    No added salt, refined sugars, or chemical preservatives. Simply NATURE’S INGREDIENTS – in a pod. We let you sweeten your porridge with the HONEY PORTION INSIDE each pot.

    Our organic milk is from the west country and we use real fruit, figs, apples, pomegranate seeds and whole raspberries.

    Our ROAR recipe is unique as we use a mix of British stabilised oats and oatbran, the oats are simply steamed and rolled, and the added oatbran contains bundles of goodness and taste.

    The benefits of oats are plentiful, the main benefits are SLOW RELEASE ENERGY and beta-glucen which has shown to actively LOWER CHOLESTEROL. Oats can also help achieve and maintain healthy weight, as they are typically low in fat, contain fibre and tend to have a low glycaemic index (GI), meaning they are absorbed and digested slowly, releasing energy slowly (Source: HGCA – Grains & Cereal Association)

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    Good carpet cleaner in Florence SC

    Cleaning Carpet with Vinegar
    So many of our posts and carpet cleaning tips recommend using white vinegar to clean carpet or remove tough stains and dirt.

    Vinegar has a lot of properties that make it a fantastic choice for cleaning carpets. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, and cheap and it doesn’t omit a potent odor or leave residue behind on the surfaces it cleans.

    It’s easy to use vinegar to clean carpets. To clean carpet stains with vinegar, just create solution that’s about 1/4th vinegar and the rest water, dab a white cloth into the solution and then blot the carpet stain repeatedly in a circular motion.

    More often than not, when you use white vinegar for carpet cleaning you will have a lot of success, without any harmful chemicals or chance to damage your carpet.
    DIY Isn’t For Everything

    DIY is the biggest craze in design and home repair, but it’s not always the best option for some difficult and dangerous projects.

    We recommend leaving home repair projects such as electrical work, roof repair or plumbing to the professionals. A lot can go wrong when attempting DIY plumbing and in terms of electrical work or roof repair, there is the potential to seriously injure yourself.

    Another project we recommend leaving to the professionals is carpet cleaning. While DIY carpet cleaning rental machines cost less upfront than hiring a professional Florence SC carpet cleaner, there are long-term risks that could permanently damage your carpet and create the need to purchase new, expensive carpet for your home.

    Benefits of Carpet Protector

    Carpet protectors are a liquid-based solution that is sprayed onto the surface of carpet to create a soft coating that will repel most liquid. Most carpets are manufactured with a carpet protector but that will wear over time and need to be applied again during professional carpet cleaning services.

    We recommend choosing carpet protector packages from Florence SC carpet cleaners. Carpet protectors are very successful in repelling common liquids like juice and coffee and allow time for a home owner to blot the stain from the carpet surface before it becomes permanent.

    Another benefit is that all the wear and tear a carpet is put through will first impact the carpet protector instead of the carpet. If you regularly clean your carpet once a year, you can prevent your carpet from wear and tear by having a new carpet protector applied routinely.

    Prevent Carpet Delamination

    Delamination is one of the more serious problems you can confront when you own carpet. Carpet delamination occurs when the secondary backing of the carpet starts to separate from the primary back or bottom of the carpet fibers. Delamination is visible in the form of bunching and wrinkles on your carpet.

    Unfortunately, you cannot fix carpet delamination. You can only prevent carpet delamination. Poor manufacturing causes carpet delamination where the adhesive from the secondary to the primary backing isn’t applied correctly. Be sure to have you or your installer inspect the backing prior to installation. It can also occur if the carpet isn’t properly stretched.

    Other common causes include heavy traffic, chemical cleaning solvents that deteriorate the adhesive, wet carpet cleaning and pet urine stains.

    In order to prevent carpet delamination, don’t use harsh chemicals to clean carpet stains and address pet urine stains immediately.


    Spilled Milk

    There’s no use in crying over spilled milk, unless it’s spilled on your carpet! Milk is a fairly common stain, especially in homes with children, and it can be easy to clean, but you want to address it immediately.

    To clean milk carpet stains, you can use two different cleaning solutions, either ammonia and water or liquid detergent and water. Apply the solution to a plain white cloth and blot the milk stain until it is removed from your carpet.

    There is a chance a spoiled milk odor will remain. If so, you can place a small bowl of white vinegar near the stain to mask and absorb the odor.

    That wraps up our carpet cleaning tips. Be sure to come back to carpet cleaner in Florence SC Blog throughout for more helpful carpet information.

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    Choosing the Right Educational Path in Order to Become a Fashion Designer

    If fashion designing is your calling and you dream of becoming a part of a major fashion house such as Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Armani, Prada and so many more some day, then you’ve stumbled onto the prefect resource center! Preparing for a career in fashion designing is going to be surprisingly easy with the resources and help you will find here!


    If you’re looking to become a fashion designer, then you need to make sure that you receive the best education in the field. Applying in Britain is your best option because, British fashion designing courses are generally regarded as the best in the world. Graduates sometimes get jobs in international fashion houses right after they complete their education and some even start clothing lines of their own!


    What qualifications are you required to have in order to apply to fashion designing schools in Britain? You need to have completed your secondary education, or alternatively, students may even have a degree in equivalent vocational courses like BTEC in National Diplomas.


    After having completed your secondary education, you need to apply for a “foundation course”. So what exactly is a foundation course? This course introduces you to the basics of fashion designing, and no, it is not all fun and games. This course lets you have a broad and comprehensive art and design experience and you also learn how to put together the kind of portfolios which the industry demands.

    After the foundation year, you are required to go on to the Higher National Diploma. This is a two year course. You may also do a Bachelor of Arts in fashion designing. This is a three year course. Fashion design colleges offer a four year course which covers the material included in the BA as well as the HND. These courses are especially helpful because industrial training is a part of the course as well.


    You might spend up to twelve months working in the industry. Six months of industrial training is also included in the Bachelor of Arts degree as well. After you are done with this course, you may go on to do a master’s course or a diploma in fashion designing.

    Course material covers drawing, design, pattern cutting, developing, manufacture and industrial practices, styling, knitting, footwear designing, or even photography. Of course there are several elective subjects which you may choose from and this is one of them! The fashion industry is an extremely exciting and creative one, armed with the proper qualifications and degree; you may just take it by storm!

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    Online Guitar Courses

    For a limited time only you can sign up for our beginners online course and get (10) ten full lessons for less than $99! Fun, interactive and engaging! This dynamic, hands-on Online Guitar Course will have you playing melodies with guitar chord B and songs before you know it. Interactive demos, vivid illustrations and comprehensive text bring the content to life. High quality audio and video clips bring the teacher directly to your desktop.


    The Online Guitar Course is designed for you, the beginner, who wants to play and understand the guitar. Topics include parts of the guitar, tuning, playing technique, the fretboard, standard musical notation and tablature, single and multiple string melodies, chord forms, strumming patterns, and playing songs. Even if you’ve never played before, this hands-on approach will give the tools necessary to play pop, rock, folk, and blues songs from the fifties to the present.

    Playing guitar and making music is fun and uplifting. Now you will have the tools to do both! Created by Wolfman’s School of Music, a respected leader in music education in New England.

    SYLLABUS for OnLine Course – Interactive Guitar for Beginners

    • Lesson 1 – History of the Guitar
    • Lesson 2 – Technique
    • Lesson 3 – Tuning/First Chords
    • Lesson 4 – Fretboard Logic
    • Lesson 5 – Major Scale Theory
    • Lesson 6 – Standard Musical Notation for the Guitar
    • Lesson 7 – Chord Construction Theory / Chord Notation
    • Lesson 8 – Chord Progressions
    • Lesson 9 – Strumming Patterns
    • Lesson 10 – Songs

    Sample Lesson

    Check out our free sample lesson to get a taste of the guitar lessons available from Wolfman’s School of Music. This lesson serves as an introduction and overview to the basic theory and application of chord progressions and will help you develop your playing skills.

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    Best tea for weight loss and detox

    What Is Detox Tea and What Are The Health Benefits?

    Best tea for weight loss and detox is full of antioxidant goodness, meaning that it will help your body to remove harmful toxins that you accumulate over time. Not only can Detox Tea make you feel great, it can also promote healthy weight loss by boosting your metabolism, improving fat oxidation and cleansing of the liver.

    Start with a two or four week detoxification period, enable your body to cleanse itself from the inside out. We believe that you CAN achieve your weight loss goals when using this healthy beverage as part of a well balanced regime with vitamin rich foods and some exercise (even if its a 30 minute walk per day).


    NOTE: This product does NOT come in tea bags, this is a premium quality herbal ‘loose leaf’ blend where only the best sourced, nutritionally rich and organic ingredients are selected. Please see directions below for the recommended method of consumption.

    Health Benefits
    Detox Tea is designed to enhance your health and general wellbeing using a combination of traditional medicinal herbs which have their own unique health benefits that can:

    Boost the digestion of food
    Enhance the body’s fat oxidation process – encouraging weight loss
    Stabilise cholesterol levels within the body
    Increase stable energy levels throughout the day
    Refine skin; making it clearer and smoother
    Refine hair; making it stronger and looking healthier
    Improve sleep quality
    Improve mental performance
    Revamp blood circulation
    Provide anti-aging qualities
    Strengthen the immune system
    Enhance eyesight