Aandeel tesla

But Tesla, too, had to deal with the financial crisis and had some minor setbacks. But given the number of sales the company has every quarter, it seems almost impossible for Tesla to fall into the short term.

You are currently buying a share in Tesla for around $ 320. It seems a lot, but given the possibilities that Tesla has and what it still wants to offer the world, many scientists and connoisseurs think that the share will only become more expensive.




Tesla naturally has other car producers as competitors. But Tesla is still seen by many as a unique brand that makes unique cars. Of course Volvo and BMW also make electric cars, but many still see Tesla as a profession. This makes it difficult to determine whether these car brands are actually competitors for Tesla.

But as it works in the stock world, Aandeel tesla can influence the price of the stock. So if you invest in something, it is always handy to keep an eye on the course. This way you ensure that you are not confronted with surprises and that you are always up-to-date. See the following graph for the Tesla trend of recent years.

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