Best tea for weight loss and detox

What Is Detox Tea and What Are The Health Benefits?

Best tea for weight loss and detox is full of antioxidant goodness, meaning that it will help your body to remove harmful toxins that you accumulate over time. Not only can Detox Tea make you feel great, it can also promote healthy weight loss by boosting your metabolism, improving fat oxidation and cleansing of the liver.

Start with a two or four week detoxification period, enable your body to cleanse itself from the inside out. We believe that you CAN achieve your weight loss goals when using this healthy beverage as part of a well balanced regime with vitamin rich foods and some exercise (even if its a 30 minute walk per day).


NOTE: This product does NOT come in tea bags, this is a premium quality herbal ‘loose leaf’ blend where only the best sourced, nutritionally rich and organic ingredients are selected. Please see directions below for the recommended method of consumption.

Health Benefits
Detox Tea is designed to enhance your health and general wellbeing using a combination of traditional medicinal herbs which have their own unique health benefits that can:

Boost the digestion of food
Enhance the body’s fat oxidation process – encouraging weight loss
Stabilise cholesterol levels within the body
Increase stable energy levels throughout the day
Refine skin; making it clearer and smoother
Refine hair; making it stronger and looking healthier
Improve sleep quality
Improve mental performance
Revamp blood circulation
Provide anti-aging qualities
Strengthen the immune system
Enhance eyesight

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