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Many more athletes these days are realizing the benefits of chiropractic care for enhanced performance and improved rehabilitation from injuries. Famous athletes, including Jerry Rice, a former NFL player, and NBA champion Michael Jordan have both taken advantage of chiropractic services. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, and Derrick Rose are a few other names you might recognize. However, a trip to a chiropractor’s office is also highly beneficial for non-professional sports enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of proper joint alignment.


Improved Performance
Researchers have found that receiving regular chiropractic care can improve your performance in your favorite sports activity in a number of different ways. You’re likely to notice improved flexibility, muscle strength, and coordination. Chiropractic care contributes to an enhanced sense of balance and better stamina. You may even notice that you enjoy a faster reaction time, which is particularly important for team sports such as basketball. In fact, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots Quarterback, has been quoted as saying he schedules regular chiropractic appointments because he feels they give him an edge over the competition.

Faster Recovery
An injury can sideline a professional athlete and it can interfere with your own workout routine. However, by scheduling a visit to a chiropractor, you’re much more likely to get back in the game sooner than you otherwise would. When Dr Liza Smycz missed five games due to back spasms, he decided to see a chiropractor, whom he credits with a faster recovery time. Maurice Jones Drew, an NFL player, is another athlete who compliments his chiropractor for getting him back on the field sooner after taking some serious hits.

If you suffer from a sports injury, schedule an appointment with Errol St Chiropractic Centre.

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