Errol St Chiropractic

We understand the connection between the physical structure of your body, your nervous system, your biochemical environment, and your energetic/emotional health. We seek to achieve balance of these things through common-sense, natural means.

We were formerly Errol St Chiropractic. No one left. The practice was not sold. We’re all still here. We decided to change our name to reflect our dedication to holistic health and to educating the community. A business coach recently asked us about our primary purpose. Our answer was, of course, to offer more for our patients… to address all aspects of the innate health in the body verses just treating the symptoms.


In addition to the mass and structure of our bodies, i.e.: the bones and soft tissues, our nervous system lies on a deeper level and is the master controller of it all. The main divisions of the nervous system are: 1. The SOMATIC system – controlling mostly the voluntary actions of our muscles and our conscious perception of pain and sensation, and 2. The AUTONOMIC system – controlling all of our unconscious or involuntary actions such as our heart rate, chemical production, immunity and digestion…every life sustaining function in our bodies that we are aware of. The Autonomic system is divided further into the SYMPATHETIC and the PARASYMPATHETIC systems.


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