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Good movies to watch can differ depending on the interests of the viewer. Some individuals adore romantic movies that that pull at the heart, but others enjoy horror flicks that elicit fear and terror. Finding the right horror movies to watch can be a difficult task if you are hard to terrify. However, these films will take you on a journey of fear and terror that will haunt you long after the movie ends. Be sure to watch these films with the light on and be on the lookout for unexpected guests. You will be disturbed, terrified and exhausted after watching these horror films. So instead of searching for movies to watch at the theater, simply watch these previously released horror flick options.



This film became an instant classic among horror film buffs after its initial release. It follows the horrifying abduction of Lucy and her quest for vengeance. You are taken along and see the torture and punishment that they were forced to endure. The abuse sends Lucy’s friend Anna into a delusional tailspin and forces her to endure the same terror. You will be riveted and horrified during this horror film.


The Inside is about the story of Sara and her experience surviving a terrible car crash that her husband was killed in. Sara is pregnant during the crash and her child also survives. As she begins mourning the loss of her husband, an unexpected guest arrives and tries to force her way into the home. This woman keeps returning and promises to take Sara’s unborn child. The torments and horror continue throughout the night and leave you frightened and traumatized by the events that take place. Inside is unlike any other horror movie and will keep you frightened from start to finish.

The Ring

Upon release this was an instant hit among horror lovers. The Ring follows Rachel Keller as she investigates the killing of four teenagers. This horror film focuses on urban legend and will leave you less skeptic. Watching the videotape of the killings is suspected to leave you dead within seven days. Rachel and her son are in danger after watching the film and experiencing tortured events. You will never look at urban myths in the same light after viewing this scary movie.
Good Movies to watch are not always available, but these are some must- see horror film options that you should definitely check out.

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