Kitchen Design Ideas

If your looking for a way to personalize your modern kitchen design using unusual products check out these stunning Kitchen Glass Counter Tops from ThinkGlass.


These Glass Kitchen Counter Tops from Thinkglass are available in a stunning range of colors and beautiful patterns and are extremely durable, hygienic and easy to maintain and clean.


Reasons for you to consider a Thinkglass glass kitchen countertop

  • A high-end luxury unique appearance compared to more common countertop materials such as granite or other man made counter top materials.
  • All glass countertops produced by ThinkGlass are a minimum 1 1/2 inches  thick optional 2 inches (48 mm) or 3 inches (72 mm) also available.
  • Every Thinkglass countertop is customized with a choice of texture, color and finish
  • Glass countertops are as strong and durable as any common natural stone or man-made kitchen design materials.
  • Heat – Glass is naturally heat resistant so hot cookware can be placed directly on its surface
  • Hygienic – Glass is non porous, making it the most hygienic material available for kitchen countertops.

This unique and luxurious material can also be used in bathroom and raised bar counter tops.

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