Lucky Patcher 2019

Getting Lucky Patcher 2019 Apk is a dream for android addict like me, who used to play games in free time. If that is the case, you must have frustrated at least once while playing games on your Android device until now. There are two reasons for that frustration I believe; 1) Advertisements, 2) In-App Purchases.

In-App Purchases will irritate you when you would want to upgrade your levels or buying coins or points. On other hand, the Advertisements will irritate you every second with nasty popups and banners.


To get rid of that irritating things, you must either purchase coins, upgrade level or you must purchase the Lucky Patcher Premium Version to remove the Ads. Everyone knows that it’s a hectic task and everyone may not be able to purchase coins and upgrade levels or buy a premium membership just to get rid of the Advertisements.

Then, I have tried it on my Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT and on OnePlus 5T (My Friend’s Phone) and got succeeded.

App Developers Motto Behind Advertisements & In-App Purchases
Nothing much and it’s as simple as buying a gadget for your specific requirement; yes, you heard it right. You need to pay money to earn coins, points or upgrade level and it’s same with the Advertisements as well. If you pay some bucks to the developer, you will be able to play the game or use the app without the advertisements.

On a clearer note, the money you pay to buy stuff in app or upgrade to the premium version is the major source of income to the app developer.

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