McKinney Tree Service

Watering your new tree has a lot of different factors in depending when and how much to water. Your tree is unique and the environment in which it is planted is as well. Our staff before the tree is completely dead. At the time of your tree planting, McKinney Tree Service staff will water in your new tree, soak the root ball, and also soak the hole.


The day after your tree planting you will need to water the tree again by placing a hose at the base of the tree for a slow trickle for 45 minutes. Your sprinkler system is not sufficient to water as deeply as your new tree needs to be watered. Every time you water, use the slow trickle method described for 45 minutes. We want you to completely saturate the tree with water however watering it infrequently. This watering technique makes the tree more drought tolerant. Do not water a tree that is already moist or hasn’t completely dried out as over watering can be even a bigger problem than under watering as 90 % of trees that fail in the first year are due to not enough or too much watering.

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