Quality Charlotte Roofing

Charlotte Roofing aim to bring Prelasti EPDM to NC at a lower cost than ever before. To do this we employ local fully trained fitters meaning they do not need to be housed, whilst working away. Waterproofing for larger building works can sometimes take over a month requiring perhaps 4 or 5 fitters working on the roof. This can therefore save considerable amounts of money and these savings are passed directly to you, without having to compromise on an inferior product or quality.

When you allow us to work on your home we treat your home as if it were our own. Charlotte Roofing have the best workers in the field to work on installation or repair of your home. We offer a complete package of fiberglass and asphalt shingles, dimensional shingles, and unlimited metal sizes and colors. We also can take care of ventilation systems, chimney caps and skylights, chimney and wall flashing, snow shields, pans and saddles. We also are so sure you will be happy with our work and have no problems that we offer warranties on our work.

From a health and safety perspective and compared with other waterproofing systems and materials, there are fewer risks to the property during our installation process as we do not require the use of naked flames during installation. We can also install your roof with fewer disturbances to day to day business and without you having to close off parts or all of your buildings, which is due to lower health and safety implications to your employees and the public.





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