Quality Fitted Kitchens Nottingham

Quality Kitchens Nottingham

Unfortunately, not all flats or houses have large kitchens. But you shouldn’t be saddened by the fact that you go into this category of people. The experienced designer makes use of every inch of the room. That’s why in some case dimensions don’t play an important role. Your tiny kitchen will be very cozy and beautiful. There are only some moments that you should take into consideration.


Quality Fitted Kitchens Nottingham

– When we speak about a little kitchen, we mean that it comprises the area of less than 80 square feet. It may have square or rectangular shape. In case you are planning to remodel your house, you may enlarge the kitchen space adjoining it with a living-room. Delete the door replacing it with an archway. This method will visually make your small kitchen look bigger.

– If you think that small kitchens have limited functionality, you are quite mistaken. Even a tiny area may be equipped with all necessary cabinetry. But it is important to consider the layout. For instance, long and narrow area requires a one-wall layout. Square-shaped kitchen demands L-typed layout.

Very often a kitchenette has also a low ceiling. In this case cabinets and shelves are installed up to the ceiling to use a maximum of its area.


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