Shane’s Tree Removal Services in Sydney

ShanesTress Tree Removal Sydney is a tree trimming and removal company in Sydney!

We take pride in serving Sydney for over 40 years! We are your #1 choice for tree removal! We are safer, faster and more economical than the rest. We offer friendly service and guarantee our work 100%! We work year-round for your tree service needs.

We have extreme access featuring the Spider Lift 75′ Hylift, which is able to fit through a 38.5′ gate.

Watch our video to see us in action. You will see us use the spider lift to trim a very tall tree and clean up the branches in a hurry. We take no time turning a very tall tree into a convenient pile of mulch.


Shane’s Tree Removal Services in Sydney

Tree Removal
Trees are removed for several reasons such as decaying roots or trunk, overgrowth, cracks or splits, simply unwanted, diseased or dead, etc. Some trees can be difficult or tricky to remove such as the sissy tree. Our service removes trees such as palms, palo verde, cypress or any other tree that needs attending to.

Stump Grinding and Removal
The tree job removes the stump which remains after a tree has already been removed for safety and also appearance. These stumps can be an obstacle and removing them can prevent the spread of tree roots which can in turn cause harm to sidewalks and or foundations. Removal also prevents tree regrowth and insect infestations.

Tree Trimming Service, Tree Pruning, Tree Cutting
Professional tree trimming, pruning and cutting improves  the health of your trees by trimming or removing any dying or dead limbs which contribute to the overall lifespan of the tree.

Debris Removal & Clean Up
We remove and clean up any and all debris to an offsite location, recycle and dispose of it properly.

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