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This is a variation of Gaana and helps you get to know more about the various secrets of the blue gem. You can play with the special effects that are available in the game. Tvzion apk is a new game developed by Robert Simonds. The main idea of the game is the same as that of Gaana. The main difference is that the image on the screens is changing day by day.

Tvzion apk  Download for iOS/Android

Each tile has a different text input and an image on the screen. To save your game, you have to save the current set of tiles before you play. You have to save a new set of tiles each time you play. If you are fond of Puzzle Games, I am sure that you will love the new app called TVZion. It is an alternative version of Gaana. Again, it is the first project of the new generation of android games.

Charlie TVZion is not the only game that you can download. There are several other games like Taboo, Star Ship Battles, Stick Maze, etc. For those who are looking for their favorite Android games, they can find them online. You just have to sign up with the right company and they will send your updates as soon as they come out.

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