What Are Tiger Nuts?

Maybe most significant of all the data you need about tiger nuts is this – what do they really have an aftertaste like? Is it accurate to say that they are any great?

Tiger nuts have an intriguing surface, similar to a hard fig outwardly, and marginally chewy within (like vegetarian jerky). It’s somewhat hard to make correlations, at the same time, in our current reality where gigantic organizations put in years and millions testing the ideal measure of crunch and mouthfeel, its a wonderful change to discover something that you need to bite on. That being stated, in the event that you find that you don’t care for the chewiness, they’re likewise accessible pre-stripped, and in this structure, they’re considerably more like a consummately cooked sweet potato in surface if a lot firmer.

To the extent the real taste, it’s a bit on the hearty side, with a characteristic sweetness. Tiger nuts resemble a Brazil nut, however the sweetness is somewhat similar to a walnut.

So in general, what do tiger nuts pose a flavor like? Like a hard fig crossed with a Brazil nut, sweet potato, and walnut. On the off chance that that is difficult to envision, out them a pursue yourself.



Pondering how to manage tigernuts? The most ideal approach to utilize tiger nuts is to chomp them straight out of the pack as a solid and all-regular tidbit! In case you’re longing for chips or need a lower-fat option in contrast to nuts, tiger nuts will hit the spot. While numerous individuals will exhort dousing them first, on the off chance that you like chewiness, they’re impeccable as it stands.

That being stated, tiger nuts are likewise accessible pre-cut, and, in this structure, they make an extraordinary plate of mixed greens, oats, or breakfast quinoa bowl include. They’re an ideal, normally sweet expansion to natively constructed granola, either cut or entirety.

Nutritional Facts

Tiger nuts are promoted as a paleo superfood from our tribal country of Africa. Tubers, for example, tiger nuts, advocates guarantee, filled almost 80% of our developmental predecessors, so it ought to likewise be beneficial for us current people.

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